Vitezslav Hadl

Music & Arrangement
Reconciliation of music styles
author, composer,conductor and producer    

 came from a family with a musical background. His parents were members of the city of Prague Theater Orchestra.

Hadl received his High School Graduation Diploma and then attended the State Conservatory of Prague, graduating with Honors in 1970, with a specialization in the Organ (Prof J.B.Krajs) Piano (Prof.Dr.J.Novak) Conducting (Prof.Dr.V.Smetacek) Composition (Prof.Zd.Hula) Improvisation and fuga (Prof.J.Vodrazka), organ concerts in Rudolfinum Hall, Church of St Michales St. Jacobs etc.
While studying at the Conservatory, he was active as a pianist and a keyboard player. From 1971, Hadl was a member of the Karel Vagner orchestra (E.Pilarova, H.Zagorova, M.Prokop, P.Rezek, H.Seroka). He was also employed as an editor of Supraphon publishing. From 1975 to 1980 he was employed as a literary manager with Czechoslovak Television.

At present time he is teaching at Prague Conservatory – professor of composition, arrangement and improvisation.

Hadl has produced dozens of musical TV shows with top artists and orchestras. He has composed the music for more then 60 movies and dozens tv series.

From 1968, he was a composer and arranger. He has sold 5 million LPs and CDs. He has collaborated with top singers such as K.Gott, H.Vondracková,H.Zagorova…

Abroad he has participated at musical festivals….has composed, arranged and supervised….

Partial list of all songs composed can be found here.

(K.Gott, E.Pilarova, W.Matuska, H.Vondráckova, H.Zagorova, J.Korn, P.Rezek, I.Bartosova, D.Rolins,
P.Janu, J.Zelenkova a many others). Abroad – Julio Iglesias, Moncho, Moody Brothers (USA), Bo Andersen & Bernie Paul, Goldie Ens, Kim Collins, Irena Jarocka, Skip Martin (Kool & The Gang) et al.
Music festivals – Bratislavská lyra, Decinska kotva, Sopoty, Golden Orfeus, Dublin, Beograd and others.